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             Napoleon abused the French Revolution and used it for his own personal plot to.
             carve up the world piece by piece until eventually the entire world was in his hand. His first powertrip took place in 1793. The Revolution had begun four years earlier and King Louis XVI had just been beheaded that January. Napoleon was on personal business, when he made an unscheduled stop at Toulon. When the officer in charge had been badly injured he looked over the layout of the army and knew it was useless, so he demanded to be put in charge. This shows his pushiness and selfishness although he was very smart, and had a successful plan. Napoleon managed to gather food, water, ammunition, and guns for the solders. He also re-trained the men whom he thought were poorly trained. With all of this and the help of many other French solders they managed to takeover many British camps, burn many British ships and armories. Napoleon was then offered another position which you had to be twenty-five and he was only twenty-four, and while filling out his.
             commission he lied about his age so he could gain power faster, it gained him the title of brigadier general.
             This remarkable figure, Nabulio Buonaparte, was born in Corsica on August 15,.
             1769 to Carlo and Letizia Ramolino Buonaparte, making it their second surviving son,.
             (Joseph being their first son.) But during the rough times of his homeland Nabulio quickly changed his name to sound more french after 1769. During Napoleon's youth he had a slightly large head and slimmer weaker body. Because of this he probably insisted he was smarter than most. Since Carlo had just been appointed assessor of Ajaccio he managed to get his sons free education. And the year (1779) Napoleon went of to Minimes, the Royal Military School was the first time Napoleon and his only older brother went their separate ways. Joseph remembered, he could not stop crying, while Napoleon spilled only one tear, and even that he tried in vain to hide.

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