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Faith and Reason

             Thomas Aquinas believes that we can know God through reason. We start questioning ourselves when we are ourselves is what we know about God because he allowed us to know him through faith? Reasoning needs to be logical, however there are many things such as God that cannot be logically explained without reason. There are some things about God that cannot be comprehended by reason but are not that illogical that we can just ignore them either. We believe in God because of our faith and no one can prove he does not exist.
             St. Thomas Aquinas answered the probing question with this rational; because of the lack of reasoning and being lazy about investigating the questions about God we would not attempt to dedicate ourselves. To dedicate oneself to prove the existence of God would be just as tedious as trying to prove that God does not exist. Even though God gives us the gift of knowledge we humans do not have the gumption or the capabilities to sit still to ponder the reasoning about the existence of God. It is a long hard road to dedicate yourself to the task of proving God's existence, a dedication most of us do not have. Many people are wary of things of reason so if God were proven most people would still be skeptical of the reason set forth to prove God's existence. Therefore, you are at a crossroads as to why you would want to take the time to prove that God does exist if no one is going to believe you no matter what facts you are able to back your evidence with.
             St. Thomas Aquinas believed that belief in God is necessary for a higher good. There are "spiritual and eternal goods" that are beyond reasonable comprehension but still should be sought after by human beings. Aquinas believed that God was higher than reason. Those that attempt to reason their reason erroneously believe that their reason is the reason to measure all things. .
             He also believed that there was no conflict between reason and faith.

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