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To Live or Not to Live

            The controversy that I have chosen to write about is the death penalty. Many people argue whether or not it is good to use the death penalty as a punishment for criminals who have committed an extremely serious crime such as murder. I agree 100% with the use of the death penalty. The death penalty system does have its flaws, but over all, I think it is pretty effective.
             With the new technology available to detectives today such as DNA testing, one will occasionally hear about a prisoner who was put to death for a crime that authorities later figured out he did not commit. I feel that these situations are extremely rare, however, and can most likely be attributed to either human error which could include such things as tainted evidence, or they can be attributed to human corruption in which case a police officer might plant evidence to incriminate a person or give false testimony to ensure a guilty verdict is passed against the suspect. But overall I am sure the majority of the time the right criminal is executed and that the criminal is 100% deserving of his punishment.
             One reason I support the death penalty is because I think it is better to execute a prisoner rather than forcing him to live his entire life in a cramped up little cell. I know that life in prison without parole is supposed to be a harsh punishment for criminals who have committed a serious offense against mankind, but I see life in prison as a form of cruel and unusual punishment. We as Americans have a right not to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment because it is provided for in the Constitution. Many people would go insane if they were locked up in a little cell for a few months or even a few weeks. But just imagine being locked up in that same tiny cell for your entire life. To me that would be unbearable. I would probably prefer to be given the death penalty and be put out of my misery than have to be forced to live forever in a jail cell.

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