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The Concept of Fear

            On a Saturday afternoon, some friends were watching a movie in a theatre. Suddenly, everything-including the movie screen, the chairs, and the wall-started shaking. The boys ran out of the theatre escaping the falling bricks and cracking walls. It was an earthquake. They run and feel the sudden leg shaking, lung-choking and heart pounding flow of emotions while looking for a safe place to save their lives. It was the fear that came on to them when they immediately realized ( looking at the falling, shaking and cracking walls) that it was an earthquake and that fear was the fear of death. I was one of the boys and that was my experience of the immense and gut wrenching fear.
             The unpleasant flow of emotions and feelings when we realize the danger, pain or threat from someone or something is called fear. There can be many reasons and causes of fear, but fear is experienced by each and every person in this whole world and it can be of any type. Any girl trying to walk through a dark alley, any child trying to sleep in his dark room with the fear of monster from under the bed, any student who has a test the next day and any athlete going for a competition, all of them are the examples of fear experienced by people. Fear is the most common term to express all the types of feelings such as pain, panic and fright. We experienced the fear of death or physical pain because of the earthquake which was generally an information rejected by the brain as dangerous or unpleasant. That anxious feeling that derives from anticipation is called "fear.".
             So what causes this immense feeling? Is that anxiety and panic a result of a chemical or biological reaction in our body or is it just the state of mind? The fear, mostly the physical ones are generally linked to the past experiences of any individual. If a person had a horrific accident with fire or witnessed any fire accident, he automatically develops a fear of fire because he has already seen the consequences.

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