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             To conquer one's fears, one must see past them. To fear is natural; to see past them is heroic. Fear is normal additive to life; symbolizing that there are new, sometimes extraordinary things to come, to face. To be able to see these things before they happen is a sign of wisdom. To see past them is a sign of leadership and boldness. Fear is nothing out of the ordinary. To recognize that one fears is to recognize that one values his life. Heeding the initial call of fear is something all men should do. But to truly be the leader; to truly be one who is heroic and bold, is to focus on getting past these fears. It goes without saying that to feel is to be wrought with fear. And not all fear is negative by nature. To be afraid is cowardice. But to fear is to have a true grasp for what one feels. How humans today can go through life ignoring fear is a frightful concept. Too many times and way too often to human individuals forget their heart and step into life without responsibility. .
             The foundation of successfully getting past one's fears in a responsible and valuable manner is to have hope. Hope is what makes one's life continue forward. Setting goals for one's self is fine, but impossible to reach without hope. Many humans believe that hope is what creates disappointment; a sad belief to have. For hope provides one with the ability to project success in one's mind, aids in one's acceptance of one's faults and to know that challenges lie ahead, and provides the strength needed to remain appropriately focused on reaching one's goals. Hope provides one with trust, healthy and responsible anticipation, and gives one optimism. Hope does not create disappointment, expectation does. For when one expects, one ignorantly narrows one's focus. Expectation is what creates disappointment by causing each expectant individual to feel pessimistic with failure, impatient with new fears and challenges, and immature and uneducated when their narrow scope of goal achieving goes awry.

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