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            Everybody in the world which we reside has a fear of something. Fear is one of the life's aspects that confronts every human being. The matter of fact is that fear is a serious factor for many, which leads to many anxieties. .
             In the novel, Cry, The Beloved Country, many great samples of fear are mentioned, thus making the novel enjoyable and worthwhile to read. Take, for example, Stephen Kumalo receives a letter, and he hesitates to open it, because of the fact that he's afraid that the letter might contain bad news or something which he doesn't want to know. Many times people are fearful about the unknown because they don't know what the consequences will bring. For example, Father Vincent tells Stephen Kumalo that his anxiety has turned to fear and his fear into sorrow, but this sorrow is better than fear, for sorrow may enrich while fear always impoverishes. Here, Father Vincent tries to comfort Stephen Kumalo, also tries to tell him that sorrow is better than fear, so it is not worth fearing about anything. These are some of the many extraordinary examples of fear stated in the novel. .
             Consequently in our world everybody is afraid of things. Every single human being has many numerous, countless fears. Take, for example, people have a fear of committing crimes. Primarily, they commit crimes because of the reason they are in a tough situation, where only way is visible to them, and that is committing a crime; similar scenario was established in Cry, The Beloved Country. One of the biggest fears I often encounter is writing an exam, this may be the case for many individuals throughout the globe. Whenever I have an exam, I usually fear of failing and my parents. My parents are always keeping an eye on me and my studies, as a result creating an immense fear inside me. Another example is a one which I personally encounter many times; it is a fear of lying. This usually happens when I am pressured to do something which means a lot to me, hence making me lie.

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