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            To be horrified of something is not the definition of a scaredy cat, it is the definition of fear. Phobias are personal abnormalities that will affect a person mentally and emotionally. Fears and phobias relate to each other in a lot of ways and are connected in many different ways. I believe that there are many types of different fears and also many ways to overcome them. The way a person is affected greatly depends on past and present surroundings.
             Phobias are strongly associated with modern psychiatry and pop-psychology. These can date to back as far as 1786. Phobias usually originate from some intensely frightening experience that is repressed.
             Fear in humans is believed to be learned rather than instinctive. This is understandable because of the fact that most people aren"t born afraid and they are also not afraid because they have to be. Fear is a emotional reaction in the mind that is usually caused by experience. The human infant does not display any coordinated fear response. An infant does not show a recognizable fear response until six months after birth. .
             By observing infants" emotional reactions, psychologists have come to believe that humans are not born with innate emotional responses but learn to respond emotionally as a result of experiences. I think that people can also learn a fear from their surroundings. Watching an adults fear of spiders may cause a child to grow up with the same fear. Other fears are the consequence of unpleasant experiences, such as being bit by that spider. .
             The cause of fear, in my opinion, cannot fully be explained although many physiologists have their theories. One physiologists, by the name of Walter Cannon, proposed an "emergency function" theory of physiological changes that accompany fear. This shows that the sympathetic nervous system, under fear conditions, initiates changes that prepare the individual for violent actor or flight.

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