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            Fear can be defined in several different ways: a feeling of anxiety or the apprehension caused by the presence of or imminence of danger or reverence of awe as toward a deity or God. Fear is an emotion caused by a threat of some form. Sometimes it can be manifested in symptoms such as anxiety. This then prompts a decision to fight the threat or escape it to be made. There is another way to classify fear that does not fit into the above definitions. These are the people who seek out fear for the "rush" they get from something that scares them. .
             There are various ways to classify fear. The first is the feeling of anxiety or apprehension caused by the presence of or imminence of danger. A woman, sitting alone in her car at a red light in a secluded part of town, suddenly sees a man standing at her car window. The feeling of fear overcomes her as she becomes afraid of what he might do. The anxiety caused by the stranger causes to the woman to run the red light without regard for her safety or that of the cars that may be in the intersection. This is because the fear of being carjacked or having her car stolen made the woman act in a way she may not have under ordinary circumstances. .
             Another example of this type of fear deals with apprehension. This is the fear of or uncertainty of what may be coming. In 1999, many people believed that the year 2000 would be the end of the world, as we knew it. The Y2K issue was on every news channel and in every newspaper. Many people speculated that the power grid would fail, due to a glitch in computer programming of the past. People were also afraid that the millennium would mark the return of Christ and the beginning of the rapture. All these things made people fearful and they stockpiled food, water & gas. Fear compelled people to make irrational purchases, such as Meals Ready to Eat or MRE's, batteries and excessive stockpiles of guns and ammunition to protect them from being robbed of their supplies.

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