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             Fear is a painful emotion or passion excited by the expectation of evil, or the apprehension of danger; anxiety; alarm or dread. Fear is man's response to the unknown, as one tends to feel apprehensive of what they cannot understand. People feel the need to explore their surroundings in order to satisfy their questions. If they cannot achieve that then insecurity comes up as they feel reminded that they do not have complete control over fate. The lack of power makes people to feel uncertain of what their future has in store. Fear can be many things like a fear of a creature or object also a childhood fear, fear comes in many ways.
             Fear is a negative force that becomes overpowering in the sense that it restricts one's choices in life. Some people are afraid of death and many other people are afraid of something because of what happened to them in their childhood. An example of a childhood fear would be a person killing a spider or animal and then chasing you around with it trying to scare you. After believing that it will hurt you, as you grow up you will still remember what happened involving the spider and you will fear it because it is what you've felt all through your life. Death is a very common subject of fear. Many people fear death because life is joyous and makes you happy and sad at times, but overall it is a great feeling to live and see the world. Many times people are just scared of loosing all their items, family members or friends. When a fear overtakes an individual's body, it makes it impossible for that person to develop their personality. There is always a sense of paranoia that interacts in their mind leading to mental distractions. Fear persuades an individual into acting a certain way and speaking in a particular manner. In conclusion, there are many negative aspects of fear since it sets limitations as to who one is and what one can become.
             When a person does not know what is in store for them or they feel powerless they start to fear people, objects, or creatures.

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