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             Fear is a feeling of being frightened. The fears in my life have been serious and non- serious. They were caused from negative experiences I've had in my life. Those experiences have affected me by making changes in my life.
             Some of my fears are caused by me being frightened during my childhood. Most of the time while I was younger, I was frightened of anything that looked unusual. Some of the fears that I have to this day are of snakes, needles, and dentists. Those are the things that I have fear of the most. I've had bad experiences with those things.
             Snakes are very frightening to me. As a child, I've considered snakes as little slithery, sliding monsters. I don't like the way they look or feel. When I would make trips to the zoo, I would avoid going in the areas the snakes were in. Watching too many people on television having bad experiences with snakes has caused my fear of snakes.
             Another fear I have is of needles. Needles that are used for medication purposes, such as needle shots. As a young child going to the doctor would be very hectic. By me knowing I was going to the doctor to get a shot, I would always cry and have a problem of keeping still while receiving a shot. The cause of my fear for needles was me getting a lot of vaccination shots when I was younger.
             The other fear I have is of dentists. Dentists frighten me because I don't like people fiddling inside my mouth. They made it worst by having tools while they"re examining my teeth. When I was younger, I would either get my teeth clean or get a tooth pulled. That would be one of my worst days in my life. I would be so scared, they would have to put me to sleep during my visits. My cause of fear for dentists came from me receiving needle shots in my mouth.
             The serious fears are still in me till this day and the non- serious fears are gone. My serious fears are those three things. The non- serious fears were dos, cats, etc.

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