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The Roman Colosseum

             There are many famous monuments of the ancient world, but none other will leave an impression on any person who has saw it quite like the Colosseum in Rome. From a physical standpoint, it is an enormous stone structure that is intimidating just to stand next to. Historically, this arena represents the wealth and power of the Roman Empire. And it also serves as an example of the bloodthirsty brutality and violence in which the Roman people thrived. In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain the history of the Colosseum and whether it was a place of competitive fighting or a public display of brutality.
             Formerly known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, the Colosseum was originally built by Vespasian of the Flavian dynasty. Vaspasian began building the Colosseum in the year of 72 C.E., it was completed eight years later by his eldest son, Titus. Made of four different levels, it stands 48.5m high. The amphitheatre is built in an elliptical shape measuring 188m in length and 156m wide. The arena was built to hold fifty thousand Roman spectators. Underneath the sand covered wooden floor was a labyrinth of cages, chambers and passageways in which the animals were held. This underground lair was equipped with a system of ramps and pulleys to quickly launch wild animals into the arena. Occasionally, the floor would be removed and these chambers would be quickly flooded for mock naval battles and amphibious gladiator fights, called naumachia. The Colosseum was prepared to entertain crowds with a large variety of different spectacles to see. .
             When the construction was complete, Titus arranged for an inauguration of the Flavium Amphitheatre of large proportions. Different historical records say that Titus ordered from five to nine thousand different wild animals to be killed this day. This would become the first serving of blood and violence for the Roman people and ultimately the fate of Rome.

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