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What was the main role Colosseum in Rome?

             What was the main role Colosseum in Rome?.
             The Roman Colosseum is one of the most recognisable landmarks of history. It signifies a whole anchient culturee, their beliefs, there ideas and there knowledge of the world.
             The Coloseum is the largest of the Roman Amphitheatres. It is built in the form of a football stadium, with a perimeter of 1,729 feet and a hieght of 187 feet . To build this massive structure was a huge undertaking. It required the quarrying of tens of thousands of tons of travertine, a type of marble found in a nearby town, and 300 tons of iron to secure the marble blocks to one another. Many of the parts of the Colosseum, however, were built at other locations and then transported to their destination. This made it a lot easier to build. In fact, the entire Colosseum was constructed in only about 7 years. .
             While slave labor was used for the heavy construction work, the precision of the finished product and the variety of materials used in construction indicate that specialised craftsmen were used for much of the project. The completed Colosseum rose to four stories. The first three stories contained 80 perfectly symmetrical arches, each of which originally was adorned with a statue. The fourth story had large, rectangular windows in its walls. Estimates of between 50 and 70,000 spectators were able to pack into the spectator areas provided on these four stories. .
             The amphitheatre was built on a concrete platform 42 feet thick. On top of this stood what was known as the subterranean area. It was here that the equipment and stage scenery used in the battle spectacles was held. Also, the weapons and hoists used to lift the wild animals and gladiators up to the level of the arena were held here. The actual arena itself was made of wood, which is now long gone. The edges of the arena were protected by high nets with spiked poles at their top to prevent the wild animals from getting out.

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