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Amazon - The A to Z of Online Shopping

            New technologies make human life more convenient. Convenience, such as shopping for arguably any product, in the comfort of one's home, is the new technology for the 21st century. With internet at its disposal, Amazon.com, Inc. began selling books to its fellow readers back in 1994. Soon, Amazon.com, Inc. became the hub for the products ranging from CDs, DVDs, to apparel, furniture, sporting goods and even food, making itself the largest online-based retailer in the US. About a year and a half ago, Amazon thought about a possibility of drones delivering the purchased products, directly from the warehouses to the doorstep of the consumer. If the experiment succeeds, it will eliminate the shipping time and the cost to almost pennies-worth. With offering one of the most user friendly shopping experience, Amazon still struggles with checking the reliability of the third-party sellers.
             Amazon.com has established itself as the largest online-shopping destination in the USA, by creating the user-friendly website that allows consumers to shop and navigate throughout the website with ease. For example, amazon.com will provide on with the tabs called "today's deals" and "what others are looking at", which allows the customers then to look for trending products and getting them started with the online shopping. If one would like to receive personalized shopping suggestions, made by the website, Amazon lets them sign in with their account name. If a consumer wants to shop by categories, he can do so with the tool on the left corner labeled as "Categories". The categories range from electronics, books, baby products, collectibles, apparel, to food and furniture. Many times we come across a product that we really wish to buy but for any reasons, we cannot at that given time. If this happens at a departmental store, we request the store to put the desired item on hold. The customers can perform the same practice by putting any item of their liking on a wish list.

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