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Our Technical World

            Each day technology is aggressively progressing and advancing in every field affecting our daily lives creating a handful of health issues so the use of technology should be cut down. Even though technology has made our human lives very easy and relaxing it has definitely increased in the health issues we experience through out our life. Technology also isolates us and keeps us in our own little world, making a person-to-person experience very tough.
             Advancement in technology has made our everyday lives easier. These advancements allow us better and easier ways to teach our kids in schools and bring them new experiences while helping them learn the most beneficial way. Students are able to access information and research on any topic right from their classrooms. Learning from technology is also an exciting way for our kids to learn because of all the pictures and videos available on the Internet. Students no longer need to carry those heavy text books for every subject separately causing their book bag to be insanely heavy but instead any number of text books can be downloaded on to a tablet just with a few clicks which weights even less then a single text book. For every positive there is always a negative. Using technology makes some students very lazy because of all the information that is available on the Internet. They don't have to think much and come up with an answer rather just find an answer online to almost any question. Another huge disadvantage technology provides us with is easily moving from doing assigned work to socializing with friends on websites like Facebook or even ending up on YouTube just wasting hours watching random videos. Another arising concern is that technology is making us more isolated from the real world. Brody, Jane. "As children have more of their communication through electronic media, and less of it face to face, they begin to feel more lonely and depressed.

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