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Sex Trafficking in New York City

            A crime such as human sex trafficking seldom appears on newspaper headlines, yet is a problem that is ongoing around the world every single day. This problem appears in big cities around the world, but the hustle and bustle of big cities mask these crimes. A city that has been plagued with undercover sex trafficking is New York City. A lot of people in the U.S. are aware of the crime that is sex trafficking, but most of them are not aware of the gravity of this issue and its daily ongoing underground operations. People might think that they have never witnessed sex trafficking but the reality of the matter is that it can happen during the light of day and because most of the victims of sex trafficking do not really attract any negative attention from the police or other authorities, the crime goes on in front of people's eyes. The city of New York is plagued with this quiet and inconspicuous crime and there has been an ongoing campaign that aims to reach these victims and to empower them to speak out and end the abuse. .
             New York City's JFK airport has been named one of the top five airports in the country to where sex victims from other countries arrive. Obviously, this is because NYC is perhaps the biggest hub in general for foreigners and multicultural Americans on the East Coast. It is the biggest hub in diversity and population, which contributes to the existence of this crime. Human trafficking is a huge empire that involves an immense amount of people, business, victims, etc., because of this gargantuan involvement, it is pretty easy to assume these perpetrators are violating federal and state labor laws and getting away with it (Anti-Trafficking, par. 3). It is very hard to calculate exact facts and statistics about this tragic business because it so well run and hidden, but a rough estimate says that tens of thousands of women and some men were brought and slaved in NYC in the past decade (Chow, par.

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