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The Penelopiad and The Souls of Black Folk

            Throughout this essay, there will be an analysis of the context between the two stories The Penelopiad and The Souls of Black Folk. The attraction of the author's interpretation of Penelope and Odysseus, along with the intellect of irony is the primary interpretation of this essay. The readers of these two stories must appreciate the epics of both. .
             Within the poem The Odyssey, Odysseus is construed as the hero that eventually returns to his wife, Penelope. After conquering Poseidon, Odysseus is plans to make a fourteen-year journey across the Mediterranean Sea; the journey that stands between his family and home that consists of overcoming the curse. Many of the suitors insist that Odysseus is dead while Penelope patiently awaits his arrival. The story The Penelopiad is told through the multiple aspects of Penelope's life. .
             The original tale of Odysseus overturns while the essential style is accustoming. The reader begins to distinguish the original fairytale structure of the story. From the two different viewpoints of The Penelopiad, they are from herself and the maid's. The characters are typically blemished, with Penelope as a prime example. The story told by the maid's is different than Penelope's. From deceitfulness and retribution, the irony is distinctly seen during the Trojan War. .
             The Penelopiad was thought provoking. Us readers are adapted to these fairytales with heroes without the mystery of whether they are the protagonist or antagonist. Penelope is the mysterious of them all. From her passive personality and ruling under her father, she gives off the sharp annotation that allows the reader to see her intuitions clearly. Penelope enjoys having slaves working for her, yet she also pretends as if she cares unconditionally. The author of The Penelopiad does not take a fixed position on the character's actions, yet Penelope is the narrator of this story. The viewpoints that are interchanging between the maid's and Penelope make the story more intriguing.

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