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To Die with Dignity

            In October last year, there was a viral video going around on social media and even on the news about a woman who was raising awareness for death with dignity. Her name was Brittany Maynard, she was a 29 year old with terminal brain cancer that didn't want to go to her illness. She wanted to be able to die on her own terms surrounded by her family and her dog Charley. In order for her to be able to die on her own terms she and her family moved from California to Oregon. She and her family had to pack up everything they had because their home state didn't support death with dignity. Brittany didn't want to die from her brain cancer, from what her doctors told her it would be a painful and long process. After the move Brittany approached Compassion & Choices and volunteered to make a video to raise awareness about death with dignity. Brittany passed away on November 2, 2014 with her family and dog by her side.
             In the textbook the author brings up questions of whether or not this is considered a form of euthanasia, along with is it a morally justifiable practice. She mentions that euthanasia in Greek means "good death", but then makes a comment "when is death ever good". If someone has a terminal illness and knows that they don't have much time till that illness takes everything that makes them who they are. They should have the right to say when enough is enough, and be able to peacefully pass on. The law states that in order to receive the dose of medication used for death with dignity you must be in sound mind and able to say out loud what you would like and to be able to say it in writing as well. What they ask of patients isn't really the problem of death with dignity; it is the lack of knowledge, and the lack of access. There are only five states in the United States of America that support death with dignity. In order for patients to access this opportunity they have to move to Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Montana, or Vermont.

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