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The Death with Dignity Law

            A terminally ill patient is lying on her deathbed waiting for the cancer to take her. She was diagnosed just months ago with stage 4 lung cancer and was told she only had 3 months left to live. She has to leave her family and friends behind and the thought of leaving this world on the terms of a disgusting disease gives her anger that is hard to even put into words. Her family visits her each week and the sight of their mother and friend connected to wires and rotting day by day in a hospital bed pains them to watch. All she could do is just wait until it is her time to die and there is nothing she could possibly do to stop it. She wishes she could just end it early, she hopes that her life will end soon because she does not want to suffer any longer. She lies on her bed and wonders if there was some other way to make her pain a little easier, but there isn't. She can't make the cancer go away, all she could do is sit and wait until her "expiration date" is up and the universe takes her and brings her to the afterlife. .
             To begin, everyone goes about their lives everyday not knowing what comes next. Nobody knows what tomorrow really holds and it's scary to think that in a matter of an instant, one's whole life can be determined and laid out for them. Diseases are a very unfortunate and terrifying thing that has to be dealt with in everyday life. Anyone or anything can be diagnosed with a life threatening disease that may cost them their life. In the past couple of years, some individuals that have been diagnosed terminally ill have chosen to die with dignity. Death with dignity, what is it? Why does it matter? According to the medical dictionary, death with dignity "often includes the implementation or withholding of various treatments as defined by the competent person and/or person with power of attorney." Meaning that patients get to choose their own fate by deciding themselves if the cancer takes their life or if they end it early.

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