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All God's Children by Fox Butterfield

            In the book "All God's Children" author Fox Butterfield delivered his point of view and his theory on the Bosket family and the American tradition of violence. Fox Butterfield was born in 1939 in Lancaster PA, graduating from Harvard University, Fox Butterfield became a famous journalist and author working with Times bureau chief in Saigon, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Boston and as a correspondent in Washington and New York. Around that time Butterfield was honored with the Pulitzer Prize as a member of The New York Times team that published the Pentagon Papers, the Pentagon's secret history of the Vietnam War, in 1971. He also wrote All God's Children: The Bosket Family and the American Tradition of Violence about the child criminal Willie Bosket. On March 19, 1978 Willie Bosket took the life of an innocent man on the subway, after attempting to rob him. A few days later Willie would go on to take another man's life on another subway as well as attempting to rob two other people. .
             Willie Bosket was only 15 years old when he committed these crimes. Willie would go on to plead guilty in a family court and sent to a juvenile prison. Willie Bosket is now in a Maximum prison in central New York State serving up to 82 years. Fox Butterfields research revolves around the Boskets family history and focuses it in a way to demonstrate the source of Mr. Boskets violent behavior. The author also goes into depth about past generations of the Bosket family dating all the way back to 1896 discussing the harsh realities that each generation Bosket had to go through and what turned them into the monster that soon developed Willie Bosket. Butterfield states that he traced the Bosket family back to a county in South Carolina called Edgefield. This county is well known for being the most violent county in the country from the perspective of historians. Butterfields argument was interesting due to the fact that studying Willie made him look at crime in a whole new light.

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