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Breast Cancer Intervention Program

            Breast cancer is among the leading killer diseases in the current world today. Estimates for American Cancer Society for women in the USA for the year 2015 pose a worrying trend. New cases of invasive breast cancer stand at 231, 840 and there are estimated to be 40, 290 death cases of breast cancer. There are nearly 62, 290 new cases of Carcinoma in situ cases of cancer. It is the most common cause of death among the American women today. Skin cancer and breast cancer pose a big heath threat among women in the United States and this threat has spread to other parts of the world. The statistics pose a worrying trend and forms basis of my selection of the condition for intervention. Women are now more worried of breast cancer than AIDS. Healthcare insurance has not served to spare families the cost of medication for women suffering breast cancer.
             Target Audience.
             The women are the biggest causalities stemming from breast cancer. Family members are the second victims of breast cancer due to high cost of medication. American women, both white and black, will be the main target of the intervention program. The intervention is a social change program targeting to assist a large portion of people in the current American society. The risk of breast cancer increase with the age of a woman and the condition is today affecting even women below teenage age.in the United States of America; white women are more affected than black Americans. The intervention will target all women but more focus will be based on white American women who are the greatest victims of the health condition due to lifestyle factors. Statistics has it that 12.4% of the total women population will later develop breast cancer. The trend indicates that one in every eight women born today in America has a chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The percent of women who will never have breast cancer is about 87.6%.
             Program Guiding Model.

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