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The Problem of Income Inequality

             My mom she has to pay the rent at the end of every month or we would have to leave. One time my neighbor had a party and the smell of weed was so strong, the scent moved freely in my kitchen. We told our landowner and he did not do anything. The next day our landowner posted a piece of paper on our door saying that we broke the rules related to swimming hours and in fact, it was not even us. Lastly the rent is 1,300 plus all the other bills my mom struggles a lot, just recently my uncle stayed after school to work on a project and did not give me the key. When I arrived home I went to the office to see if someone could come to open the door for me. When I got there, there was a pink paper posted on the wall that said if the tenant forgot their the keys the fee to open the door would be 25 dollars. Not only did we get in trouble for nothing, he did not give the neighbors a warning for smoking and being loud at night, but we had to pay more for nothing the fact that the landowner is a Mexican/White male did not make the situation better. I was so exhausted with everything that the landowner put us through I realized I finally was going to make a change. .
             Have you ever realized how the rich take advantage of the poor or how income now a days is so unequal? No well this mainly happens in San Francisco. My research www.truth-out.org and www.blogs.kqed.org revealed that the United States is unfair even though it is supposed to be the land of the free. This is directly related to the documentary entitled The Garden where one of the South Central farmers Josefina asked " Where is the justice for the poor people?" In the video "Land of the Free, Home of the Poor" blogs.kqed.org they showed three pie charts. Each pie chart shows the wealth distribution in three different countries; United States, Sweden, and Freedonia. In Freedonia the wealth distribution is equal, in Sweden 36% of their money got to the rich, last but not least the United States 84% of their money go to the rich while 0.

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