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Arts, Craft and Design

            "Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.
             Many individuals agree that Art, craft and design are the same thing. This paper will examine the slight differences within each category. .
             From one of the readings, Howard Risatti wrote A theory of Craft: Function and Aesthetic Expression. Howard Risatti wrote A theory of Craft: Function and Aesthetic Expression. This is an inescapable book for anybody interested in Craft. Risatti explains that there are logical groupings that tell little about the objects, which can be included in several categories. He then goes for a technique- based classification. He examines the issues by comparing handmade ceramics, metal works, turning, blowing, throwing, weaving, and furniture to painting, glass, sculpture, photography, and machine-made designs. .
             Howard Risatti's argument is that craft objects are defined by having a connection to the body, and being formed around physical purpose and function. He explores the differences between design, workmanship and craftsmanship to technical manual skill. He says a designer is a person, who creates a design (design a product of the creative imagination). Workmanship is different from design because it directly connects to the technical ability of the hand to work physical material. The craftsmanship is different from both design and workmanship because modern technology and machines have altered our views and expectations of production. He describes craft with a deep expression of human values that transcend culture, space and time. Craft must articulate a role for itself in contemporary society. Otherwise, it will be absorbed by fine art or design, and its approach to understanding the world will be lost. Today the term craftsmanship has to do with connection to the hand, not machine. .
             The English woodworker David Pye explores design and workmanship. One of the statements that Risatti does not agree with is workmanship.

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