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Biblical Analysis - The Book of Kings

             Book of Kings continues the History of Israel starting the final days of King David where the nation is strong and united because King David had followed the ways of God. After the decease of David, his successors didn't follow his ways but they rebelled against God, therefore, God let the nation to split in two parts: northern and southern Kingdom and both kingdoms continued to downfall because of their disloyalty to God. However, some kings in the Judah were faithful and follow the ways of King David. Those kings who faithfully remained in the law of God, they experienced the blessing and those who did evil in the eyes of the LORD experienced the Curse. So, author of Kings is giving insight how Israel fell from the nation of the prosperity to exile. Another important event at that period was the erection of temple where Israelites would able to worship most high God, but later it was destroyed by Babylonians. In spite of Israelite's disloyalty to God, God continually talked to them through His messengers, and He continually made commitment to them through words of hope, warnings and judgment. .
             God is the central and controlling figure in both books. Along with story of Israel, it portrays the story of God's divine actions over the nations. Book of Kings opens with portraying final days of King David and continues to history of Israel until Babylonians captivity. However, the purpose of author of these books is to show God's relationship with His covenant people and God's judgment over them when they broke the covenant. Even these books are not about the story of David; however, God Himself brings David as prototype of good kings saying "like David". He has been stated throughout books when God compares other kings. However, David's Son, King Solomon and his successors didn't remain faithful to God, therefore, Israel continued to decline. Prophets continued to warn King and people that God's judgment is at hand but they didn't listen.

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