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Book Summary - Montana 1948

            The book "Montana 1948" shows us how people can be very dishonest and shows us that certain people will choose what they want to see and what they want to forget about. It shows us that trust is a powerful tool. Should you trust people though? If you lived in Montana the answer would be no. Frank, Wesley, Gloria, David and Julian Hayden are all examples of the trust issues that echoed through the small town of Montana in the summer of 1948.
             Frank Hayden, Brother of Wesley Hayden and uncle of 12 year old David Hayden, was known as a war hero, a high school and college athlete, and also very witty. During World War II he carried three soldiers to safety. Many saw him as a hero because of this, they saw him as the man they wanted their kids to be just like. After the war Frank worked as a doctor in Montana. It wasn't known by the public, but Frank raped many of his Indian Female patients. This became clear to Frank's brother Wesley when he asked Frank to come over to diagnose Marie Little Soldier, who was the house-keeper and babysitter of David Hayden. Marie was frightened that he was coming as she knew about Frank's past. She did not trust him at all. Wesley's suspicion of Frank grows greater as the book continues on. Towards the end of the book Frank murders Marie in the Hayden family home. This shows that Frank could not be trusted, not even by his own brother. Wesley confronts Frank bout this situation, Frank agrees to go with Wes as long as Wes kept everything quiet. So Wes keeps his brother captive in his basement for a few days to figure things out.
             Wesley Hayden, who was the sheriff of Montana at the time arrested his own brother and was keeping him in his basement. This is a very dishonest thing to do. He still cared for his brother though, he cared about his reputation and that is why he went against the law to keep him locked in the house instead of the jail. Wesley told Julian Hayden, who is Frank and Wesley's father.

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