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            Wes is torn between loyalty to his family and the law.
             Montana 1948 is a story about a sheriff family in a small town. The family has to face a crisis whether they should choose the loyalty to their family or the law. The characters in the story find themselves torn between finding and accepting the truth and then doing what is right. This causes a series of problems to the family.
             The story is set in Montana in USA in the period after World War
             • ∘. We must understand the "Cowboys and Indians" in Montana. The Indians were an underclass kept in their place by the whites. The most powerful family in the town is the Haydens. The writer, David Hayden, is grown up in this sheriff family. David's grandfather was wealthy and powerful, David's father, Wesly Hayden, enforced the law, David's uncle, Frank Hayden treated the sick and injured, people had an opinion about the Haydens. The family housekeeper, Marie, is an Indian woman whose shocking revelations from the heart of the story. In the summer of 1948, David's transition from innocence to experience is accelerated. He learns about the dark side of life the power that others have over him and his family. David's life is never going to be the same after that summer, and he comes to realize much more about the world adults live in. Suddenly, everything explodes.
             When David's housekeeper Marie falls ill, a series of events take place and change the Hayden family forever. When Marie, the housekeeper that David loves, gets sick, his parents ask Uncle Frank, the town doctor, to tend to her. She shouts "No! I dont need no doctor!" David's parents learn that Uncle Frank have been molesting and raping Indian women all of his life. At first it is difficult for Wes to believe that Marie is telling the truth about his brother. Gail believes her but Gail demonstrates no racism towards the Indians. The Indians are powerless because the Hayden family is so powerful.

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