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Reaction Paper - The Psychology of Sleeping

            Sleeping is the best thing that ever happened. I would like to know why do people and even mammals sleep. Probably this is the dumbest question that all people have asked and I got the same question too. What would happen if we do not sleep? Is there anything bad to our body and psychological that would happen? When I listen to the example of a cat sleeping, I just knew that the cat's brain release some noise. In fact, the cat that sleeps does not even have that kind of noise. Another example that I heard is when dolphins can sleep peacefully, but they are still swimming. What makes me interesting is to know that the half brain of the dolphins is sleeping or in rest mode, but the other half keeps the dolphins swimming while they are sleeping.
             In the middle of their conversation, I found out that they are using psychological psychology in their research. Firstly, let me explain why sleep is related to psychological psychology. Well, sleep is a behavior that is encased by the body commencing the feeling of sleepiness in order for people to rest for usually several hours at a time. On the other hand, psychological psychology studies on how the body's response to a behavior or activity. So then sleeping is related to this area of psychology because the body responds the behavior of sleepiness that we feel. For instance, I have my own experience that is really similar to the story that the radio told us. It was all begun when I tried to learn piano a few years ago. I learned the piano when I was 14 years old. Usually, when you were at age 14, playing piano is kind of hard because you should start from zero like the 5 years old kid. So, I tried to play piano every single day and then when I was going to wrap up my piano skills at the end of the day, my fingers were no longer as smoothly as I play at the beginning of the day. I was so confused about this. I thought if I kept practicing my piano skills, I could be better at the end of the day but it's wrong.

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