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Anxiety Disorders

            Anxiety Disorders: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Social Anxiety.
             We have all experienced significant anxiety at one time or another. Most of the time our.
             anxiety levels do not warrant serious concern. We, as human beings, expect to feel a certain.
             amount of stress and pressure on occasion. The fast pace, highly competitive culture we enjoy.
             sometimes creates anxiety packed moments that leave most of shaken but not broken. .
             Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of dealing with day to day anxieties.
             Anxiety "is the central nervous system's physiological and emotional response to a vague.
             sense of threat or danger." ( Comer, 1998 ) Not all anxiety is thought upon as evil. In fact,.
             some anxiety may help in saving our lives. Psychologists agree "that the physiological response.
             we experience is a direct link to our innate fear of harm. Both a physiological and physical.
             response to this fear of personal harm as been called the "fight or flight" response, because it.
             activates us to either defend ourselves or to runaway to escape injury. ( Agras, 1985 ) .
             Generally, we do not experience genuine threats to our physical safety everyday. Instead,.
             we face problems that complicate our lives. These problems do pose a threat to us but not a.
             physical one. Difficulties such as failing school, losing a job, or getting a divorce may be threats.
             to our present well - being but have more of a psychological impact rather than a physical one. .
             These psychological threats trigger a mild version of the "fight or flight" response associated with.
             Anxiety alerts us to a problem and motivates us to try to resolve the problem, because we.
             want to eliminate the feeling of anxiety. Normal anxiety experienced in day to day living is not an.
             indication of a psychological problem, because everyone experiences some anxiety. Anxiety helps.
             us recognize problems that require a response. "Anxiety disorders develop when we experience.

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