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Anxiety disorders

             National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders as a group are the most common mental disorder in the United States (Izenburg 74). Anxiety disorders are a group of conditions that cause people to feel extreme fear or worry, sometimes accompanied by such symptoms as dizziness, chest pain, and difficulty sleeping or concentrating. Everyone worries every now and then, however people with anxiety disorders tend to worry excessively. Anxiety is a normal experience that can become a problem for some people. What causes Anxiety Disorders you say? There is not one exact cause of Anxiety Disorders. Most causes vary from case to case and involve several factors including what type of disorder they acquire. Some factors could be traumatic experiences or psychological conflicts from the past or present times. More recently, Researchers have found biological factors, such as chemical imbalances in the brain, play a very important role in the cause of anxiety disorders. In children, constant anxiety and related conditions can interfere with their lives growing up; however there are several ways to treat those suffering from these disorders. .
             Separation Anxiety Disorder affects children under the age of 18, and is characterized by tremendous anxiety related to separation from the home or from the child's parents. These children are often paranoid with thoughts of scary things that might happen to their caregiver. Sometimes the child may believe their parent will not return if permitted to leave. .
             Children with this disorder often refuse to go to school, to participate in social activities without their parents present, and have trouble sleeping at night. Because of the simple fact most children fear leaving their parents at one time or another the case of fear must be to the extreme in order to be diagnosed as a disorder. Children that do have Separation Anxiety Disorder must have strong willed parents also.

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