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The Buddhist Experience

            On Sunday April 12, 2015, the religious site of interest and visit was the Buddhist Pema Karpo Meditation Center, located in Memphis, TN. The meditation center demonstrates the time line art of history exhibiting the life of a Buddha. The reason as to why I chose this site visit because of the lack awareness as it identifies with this religion. Moreover, learning another religion is essential because it help one to understand others beliefs, communicate effectively, and respect others tradition. More importantly, visiting this religion site of a Buddhist will provide personal and intellectual growth as it identifies with their religious belief.
             First and foremost, entering the meditation room appears to be a quiet, warm, and ambiance setting. Before individuals began to meditate quietly, we had to bow down and worship the Monk. Secondly, several individuals choose to stand and chin head chin bow whereas others performed the chin head mouth chin kneel head on the floor. The greeting practices had to be performed three times each. Once the greetings were respectfully communicated, it was time for quietness. Inside the center, the Monk express that there are several rituals that are essential to a Buddhist. The main ritual Pema Karpo Center presented was their style of worshipping. The Buddhist consider their worshipping is vital, dutiful, and acknowledging the importance of a Buddha as a spiritual teacher. At the center, a Buddhist worshipping was shown to release any suffering in life including chanting, prayer and meditating. Through the ritual worshipping, it was expressed that we show appreciation towards the instructor who helped us find the way of relieving suffering. During the meditation phase, I close my eyes and exhale all the negative energy as to where I can inhale a more positive outlook on various religion, life, family, supporters, and school. Nevertheless, meditating and inhale positive outcomes free my mind, body, and spirit of stressful events.

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