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            Out of all the countries and cultures that I have experienced or learned about, none has caught my attention more then Thailand. The main reason I fell in love with Thai culture and the people is they were the most giving, caring, and respectful people that I have come across in this world with their famous Thai smiles, their graceful manner, and their all out respect for others. The other reason behind my interest in Thai culture is even thru westernization they have been very successful in preserving the ancient ways of life which is demonstrated perfectly by: The site of the peaceful Buddhist monks walking their alms rounds in the morning, the beautiful traditional Thai dance that is prevalent through out the country, the amazing open markets where you can buy mouth watering Thai foods, and the amazing Buddhist architecture and art that is visible through out every inch of Thailand. .
             Thailand, is probably the most Buddhist land on earth, out of the estimated 55 million people in Thailand, about 95 percent are Buddhists, while about 4 percent are Muslims, .5 percent Christians, and the remainder Brahmins, Hindus, Sikhs, and Confucians. Although Buddhism is proclaimed as the state religion and the Thai Constitutions specifies that Thai Kings must be Buddhists, but also the Kings must be the Upholders of All Religions. Thus all Thais are entitled to full religious freedom. Among Thailand's rich diversity of beliefs, there has never been an incident of religious or ethnic clash among the Thai people, which is a great indication of their high tolerance and openness towards outside or western beliefs. .
             The basic ideas of the Buddhist doctrine stresses the three principal aspects of existence dukkha = suffering, anicca = impermanence, and anatta = non-substantiality. Thus the ultimate aim of Buddhism is Nirvana which literally means the extinction of all desire and thus of all suffering.

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