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Consciousness Through Family Connections

            "It's not the presence of someone that brings meaning to your life but it's the way that someone touches your heart which gives your life a beautiful meaning." (Azgraybebly Josland).
             The dictionary defines a relationship as a connection, association, or involvement, or an emotional or other connection between people. As humans, we have a need to belong, to unite with others. The relationships we have with others enable us to contribute to our social network, which provides us with emotional connections, and fulfilling our general need for belonging. These connections come in many forms – friends, co-workers, family, intimate partners. Of these, family relationships are the most essential. The bonds formed with parents and siblings dramatically influence our lives, and can have both positive and negative impressions. The relationships I developed and embraced within my own family have contributed significantly to who I have become. .
             Through The Story of Maggie, found in the book "The Dance of Anger", Harriet Lerner shows how "our relationships with our parents and siblings are the most influential in our lives" and that they are never simple. (Lerner 67). This rings true for me. I love my parents and siblings unconditionally. We are all on good terms with each other and get along fairly well. I was raised in a so called "traditional family"– two parents (mother and father) and two siblings, each as unique and complex as individual human beings could possibly be. As the middle child and the only female offspring, the dynamics of interacting with each family member varied considerably. .
             All parents are tasked with teaching their children about love, respect, morals and ethics. My parents, both devout Christians, referred to the Church's guidance and were quite strict regarding our conduct. My father was the stern head of the family and although he was fair, I was not always daddy's girl.

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