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The Failures of John F. Kennedy's Foreign Policy

             Kennedy was not a president known for his strong foreign policy. Kennedy's foreign policy was consisted of many failures with only a few successes. His failures in foreign policy were so great that they triumphed over his successes in foreign policy. Just because Kennedy's foreign policy was not as strong as he wished, does not mean that he was a bad president, but when it comes to John F. Kennedy's foreign policy, he needed a lot of work and improvement. When John F. Kennedy came into to office, he got right to business. James Diegueno, the author of the book Destiny Betrayed, believed that President John F. Kennedy's "unorthodox" style concerning foreign policy was adopted even before John. F. Kennedy came to office (Diegueno). In a way, this "unorthodox" style concerning the foreign policy, was not a style that the American people were used to. Not only was it a style that the American people were not used to, but the "unorthodox" foreign policy of John F. Kennedy did not seem to bring the United States much success. John F. Kennedy received an enormous amount of criticism about his foreign policy, such as Fidel Castro and the Bay of Pigs, the meeting in Vienna with Nikita Khrushchev, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
             President John F. Kennedy was well known for his charm and the impact he had on people ("John F. Kennedy on Foreign Policy"). John F. Kennedy's charm was a great accolade, but "personal charm" does not make a president a good president. A president needs to be able to adapt to situations, problems, and tensions that arise in their presidency and John F. Kennedy failed in those areas. The rise and growth of Communism completely stumped this "charming" president. John F. Kennedy was faced with communism throughout his entire presidency and throughout his presidency Communism gave him trouble.
             Many people think that because John F. Kennedy became president when Communism was on the rise that it had a negative effect on Kennedy's foreign policy, but the expansion of communism is no excuse ("Profiles of U.

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