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Aristotle and the Greek Miracle

            The origin of modern science was founded upon by key moments in time in which philosophical thinkers begin to construct foundational roots to the science we know today. It began with a society not like any other, in which an atmosphere of new and innovative ideas could flourish. In which questions of matter, motion, and change begin to be explored; while unlocking the questions of certainty and true knowledge. Ending with the discussion of Aristotle and his System in which ultimately becomes a widely accepted science and the apex of Greek natural philosophy.
             Science can be said to be the result of ancient Greek philosophers who paved the way for exploring and understanding the natural world. But these conditions would not at all be possible without giving credit to ancient Greek society. The nature of Greek society provided the perfect nourishment for new and groundbreaking ideas that no other civilization had delved into for religious and social reasons. The majority of other cultures just accepted that the material world was dictated and controlled by supernatural forces. The Greeks believed in gods, though these gods were much more human-like and as a result they were less inclined to give supernatural qualities to physical objects. The social structures for these ancient societies were also very rigid and left very little room for new laws and ideas. Yet the laws for Greeks varied from state to state, the concept of proof was weighed more heavily than the exercise of authority. Individual perspective and the free exchange of ideas were better tolerated in the Greek culture. Though the Egyptians may have been well endowed with mathematical brilliance, engineering, and vast resources. They used these skills to build great pyramids, focusing their efforts toward the after-life and creating a social structure centered on gods and pharaohs. The Greek social structure revolved around the marketplace, known as the agora.

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