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Biography of Sandra Cisneros

            One of America's widely appreciated writers is the joyful, Mexican­-American Sandra Cisneros. Cisneros is most famous for her novel The House on Mango Street that had become a very popular read all around the country. She has won countless awards for her outstanding work and hardships, and has had her works featured in some of today's most popular magazines. The distinguished writer has given back so much by constructing organizations throughout her.
             writing career. Sandra Cisneros is a true role model to aspiring Latino writers, and has successfully proven that you have to start from the bottom and work hard to get to the top. Today, Sandra Cisneros lives in central Mexico and travels around the world doing book signings and readings to dedicated fans. .
             On December 20th, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, Elvira Cordero Anguiano and Alfredo Cisneros had given birth to the new member of their family, Sandra Cisneros. Of six brothers, two older ones and four younger ones, Cisneros was the only girl. Her mother was Mexican American, while her father thoroughly Mexican. Cisneros is currently sixty going on sixty one and has not married, nor ever had kids. From the looks of it, she certainly has made the best of that, surely. Cisneros says, ‟I'm not a good traveler, but part of my job is to take the stories out there to those who need to hear them. I do enjoy meeting my readers and seeing new places, and I especially enjoy performing my work. But it's hard to deal with take­offs and landings, because I'm afraid of flying." I see why she abides by a solitary life. Sandra Cisneros is a woman who has given so much back to her readers, and of course has received a lot from them in thanks. .
             With all the free time she probably does not get, she had still gotten the opportunity to construct the organizations: Latino MacArthur Fellows, the Macondo Foundation, and the Alfredo Cisneros del Moral Foundations.

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