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Sandra Cisneros

             Sandra Cisneros .
             A famous Latino Writer that overcame many obstacles throughout her whole life, In one of the roughest time periods was Sandra Cisneros. Sandra is an author that is totally different from her co-writers. She uses her Spanish background with the English writing to bring out her creative writings. Sandra has written four different novels, the most recent one Caramelo, which she released early this year. She is a writer that has a unique from and style of writing. Cisneros is a woman who has changed the voice of all women in writing, especially Latin woman who before her never had a chance to voice there ideas and feelings that they had. And just like this strong women proved that she can do can write, so can any other women. Sandra Cisneros has used her style to create a lit voice for Hispanic woman in America.
             Sandra Cisneros was born on December 20, 1954 in Chicago Illinois. Both her parents were Mexican Immigrants. Sandra grew up in Chicago in a very bad place where many children didn't have a chance to go to school and get a good education. In her early childhood her family kept on moving back and forth from Chicago to Mexico. Her parents thought that their Mexican Culture was very important to follow, for all their children had to be proud to be Mexican. Sandra's parents never let her get adapted to her home because of the constant movement of the family. The Cisneros had seven children six men and one girl by the name of Sandra. .
             Her older bothers tried to control Sandra at an early age, and tried to make her take on a familiar role as a Hispanic woman always does in her household. That is by feeding them a cleaning after them, they wanted a servant not a sister. At an early age Sandra wrote a few stories and poems when she had the chance. Some books she read at an early age were Virginia Lee Burton's "The Little House" and Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland".

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