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sandra cisneros

            The main body of Latin Literature lies beneath the Platus and the second century A. But the main body of what people call classical Latin Literature lies underneath the first century B.C. Great writers of Rome worked in the later part of this time period their books are what we normally call the Latin classics of literature. The major works were already established in the Roman education system of the first century and we follow their works because of the loss of works the Roman critics didn't prize. There are numerous writings that can be called technical writing but it's not generally given its place in Latin Literature. .
             Sandra Cisneros is the only daughter among seven children in her family. Having six brothers around wasn't very easy for her. Being that she was the only girl she grew up a Latina writer and her brothers attempts to make her assume a traditional female role is reflected in the feminist strains of her writings. Sandra Cisneros has many works out there and most of them do reflect the life of a woman being her and the things she went through. Her works give solace and realistic lessons about feelings which as a child she felt loneliness and shame. A good example of how Sandra's writings speak to the experiences of forgotten American society is her book The House on Mango Street. .
             There is specific cultural as well as some concerns with Sandra Cisneros feelings as a Latina writer came to life with this book. .
             Sandra Cisneros was born on December 20, 1954 in the windy city of Chicago. Sandra often felt homeless and out of place so she constantly read, comforted by some books like The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Sandra and her family spend lots of time moving from place to place but her and her family frequently moved between the U.S. and Mexico because Sandra's dad felt homesickness for his native country and for his devotion to his mother who lived there.

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