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Reasons for the Great Depression

            From the year 1929 to roughly 1939 the United States experienced what is called the longest down fall in the history of the country. This happened right after the Stock Market crash in 1929 where millions of dollars were lost and countless investors lost all of their money. (History.com, 2015) During this time of hardship spending declined, working plants shut down and unemployment was constantly climbing. The speculation on what caused such a horrible nightmare for the United States are many such as industrial faintness, Government policies and foreign trade.
             The industry faintness is one of the thing that caused the economy to become unbalanced. Farming had much to contribute to the Great Depression in that they were not able to produce on the farms therefore leading to not being able to pay their bills that lastly leads to not being able to sustain the government with their earnings. Another cause that concerned farming was that during the time frame there was no consistent rainfall leaving the crops hot and not getting enough water to stay alive. The heat and the dryness caused for many farmers to leave their homes to go and find other places to start over because the farming was being destroyed by human nature and they did not have money for groceries, food or even money to pay their mortgages for that matter. (Gentzel, 2003) It was not until the early 40's that different programs were introduced in order to help rebirth the farmers and for rain on a regular basis to start again, (Reinhardt, Ganzel, 2003).
             After the crash the incomes of many industries declined like the railroad they shank and they warn down something terrible due to everything running through the railroad system during this crisis. This made it very difficult for the railroad to rebuild so the equipment used was sufficient to use and not to mention that the employment fell and many were laid off or pushed out due their not having enough time or seniority over their counterparts.

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