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Great Depression

            Great Depression was the worst and longest economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world. It started 1983 and was not over till about the 1930s. Which was about the time World War II began. The depression started in the United States and spread to most of the world's industrial countries. Which at this point in time they were economically dependant on each other. During the Great Depression there were rapid falls in the production and sale of goods and a rise in unemployment. There were many factors to the cause of the Depression. We"ll discuss a few of those in here.
             One of the factors was that the economy was not stable. The wealth of the population was not spread evenly over the entire nation. Instead, most money was in the hands of a few families who saved or invested rather than spent their money on American goods. Thus, supply was greater than demand. Some people profited, but others did not. Prices went up and Americans could not afford anything.
             Another one of the factors to the Great Depression was what the government had done or had not done to ensure that this would not happen. Politicians at that particular time and age wanted to protect the American industries. The American industries were large and it was the popular thing to for the politicians (in my opinion). When the politicians did that, it did not help the farmers or the international trade at the time. Congress passed high tariffs that protected the American industries. The reason this was done was the politicians believed that business was the key to business of America.
             The farmers ended up buying products to plant their fields at peak prices and when it cam time to harvest the prices were extremely lower than when they had originally planted. The industries were not able to pay for there debt, and meet the demands of the British bank in which they incurred there debt during the time that they were in business.

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