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The Great Depression

             The Great Depression was one of the longest depressions in the history of North America left Americans shaken. Between the time of 1929 and 1932 and average of 100,000 people lost their jobs every week until some 13 millions Americans were jobless. This left many people on the streets begging for money and food. At least one worker out of 4 could not find work at all. Whether you were among the rich or the poor the depression devastated everyone in the nation. Most husbands had some kind of job, while wives were still homemakers. While the hard times lasted the whole decade even before the great crash of the stock market American citizens were having trouble with making a living. Most people say that the only way that they survived was foraging through trash cans like animals. My grandmother, a survivor from the great depression says "we had to gather food from were ever we could find it, we were starving". Families that were strong hung together and got closer and the weaker families feel apart. Authorities say that suicide and mental illness rose at all time high around the United States. The home emerged as the main source of recreation. Though most people would have said that they would have loved to play outdoor games such as tennis, go boating, or swim, they all stayed inside and played board games such as monopoly, and card games. The Great Depression sent people that were ordinarily comfortable with life scurrying for reassuring shelter and it left many people badly shaken from the experience. Most people blamed themselves for the actual depression because they felt that they should have been more careful and became seriously ill. The fact of not having a job and no money made it hard for anyone to be proud of themselves. Depression set in throughout every American's heart, spreading like a wild fire. People that went through the Great Depression and survived will forever remember the way that it felt to stand in line for hours for food or even to apply for a job.

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