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Great Depression

            By the 1930s money was scarce because of the depression, so people did what they could .
             Movies were hot, parlor games and board games were popular. .
             People gathered around radios to listen to everything. People danced to the big bands. .
             Franklin Roosevelt influenced Americans with his Fireside Chats. The golden age of the .
             mystery novel continued as people escaped into books. Many different problems .
             branched off from the great depression socially, economically, and politically. .
             The great depression began around the 1930's and ended near the late 1930's.
             These few years brought many difficulties to the people who lived through them. Many .
             jobs would be lost due to this tragedy. What was once called the land of dreams, turned .
             into a nightmare. Many workers who had jobs in the big city would lose them and move .
             out in the crop fields and become farmers mostly. Some people actually lost everything .
             and just faded out right after becoming unemployed. Almost 30% of the people during .
             the great depression were unemployed. However this was also not a good look for the .
             farmlands and the farmers. Once thousands of people moved into the farmlands, what .
             was once pretty grasslands was turned into cultivated fields. The rich soil lost its ability .
             to retain moisture and nutrients and began to erode. Since so many people moved into the .
             farmlands and become migrant workers, the original farmers became very poor due to .
             loss of land and crops. So they would move out into California and hope to find work.
             there. Some places they would set up little dirty towns for the farm working community. .
             Believe it or not, many of these communities were more populated than some normal .
             towns. There were also some ways people tried to stay out of the farming business. .
             Franklin Roosevelt influenced Americans to build roads throughout the city area and .
             throughout areas around the city. This gave thousands of men jobs and also helped them .

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