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The Great Depression

             Roosevelt took office, America was going through what was known as the Great Depression. Many Americans were suffering greatly. Farm families are an example who suffered during the Great Depression. The disasters of soil exhaustion, drought, and dust storms and the invention of tractors were decreasing the work force for farmers. Roosevelt made new farm policies under the New Deal, which helped the landowners, but hurt the tenant farmers and sharecroppers.
             America was going through hard times, which will be able to be overcome. There was a decrease in America's assets. Trade and commerce prices were dropping dramatically. Many businesses were crashing along with their profits. Everyone was losing their jobs and all their earnings they were putting in the bank. The banks were closing down due to the depression. The money was lost and everyone lost all their savings in the bank. .
             Roosevelt wanted to change the way American's looked at their future and economy. He thought he could change their view and they, as a society, could change America. Roosevelt wanted to set up the banks that closed down, help the industries and farmers get their businesses running again, and help all those who lost their jobs find work so they could have some kind of income. Roosevelt is thought of the president that got America out of the depression.
             The Great Depression was not the first or only depression Americans had seen, but it was the worst. The government intervention was higher than it ever had been during the depression. The Federal Reserve Board, a special government agency, had been set up in 1913 to prevent depressions and the problems that were associated with it. This agency was the last resort for bank to prevent collapses that occurred during depressions. The actions of the Federal Reserve Board explained many problems that led up the Stock Market crash and the other effects of the depression.

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