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Bone Tissue and Structure Repair

             This case study is taking a look at 45 year old Debbie Morgan who gets severely injured at work. When the paramedics get to the scene Debbie was already passed out and was severely bleeding so they bandage her up where she is bleeding to minimize the pressure. As Debbie gets to the hospital she is awake but says she has a very bad headache and the doctors notice that where she was bleeding from there is bone sticking out. The doctors have Debbie undergo a series of x-rays to determine the rest of her injuries, and what they find out is she has a fracture to her left humerus at the proximal diaphysis, a depressed fracture of the occipital bone, and a fracture of the 3rd lumbar vertebral body. .
             Short Answer Questions: .
             Define the following term: Hemorrhage - Bleeding or the abnormal flow of blood. A hemorrhage can be external or internal. The term hemorrhage derives from the Greek word "haima" meaning blood + rhegnumai, which means to break forth and a free forceful escape of blood. (Medterms).
             Define the following term: Fracture - A break in the bone or the cartilage. A fracture is usually the result of trauma, a fracture can come from a bone disease. Fractures are classified to their location and character. (Medterms) .
             Define the following term: Proximal - Nearest to the center, median line, or to the point of attachment.
             Define the following term: Diaphysis - Shaft or central part of the bone. .
             One way bones are classified is by their shape. How would you classify the bones fractured by Mrs. Morgan? - The humerus is a long bone, the occipital is a flat bone, and the vertebrae is an irregular bone. .
             The body of Mrs. Morgan's vertebra is fractured. What type of bone tissue makes up the majority of the vertebral body? Describe the structure and function of this type of bone. - The cavity of the vertebral body mainly consists of cancellous bone (spongy bone) tissue surrounded by a outer protective layer of compact bone.

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