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Africa and European Imperialism

            European imperialism in Africa during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries has had a large impact on both the colonizer and the colony. The Europeans divided Africa into vast colonial empires that contributed to the imperialistic views of the colonizer and colony. Due to imperialism in Africa, there have been many positive and negative outcomes for the foreigners and Natives of Africa. The Colonizers have greatly benefited by acquiring more land/territories, spreading their religion to the African population, taking possession of valuable mineral resources, and attaining great wealth from Africa. The colony on the other hand is not as pleased with the outcome of imperialism on their native land. They believe that imperialism has stripped them of their responsibilities, religion, land, and fundamental human rights. Both the colonizer and the colony have very dissimilar viewpoints regarding the outcome of imperialism in Africa. As imperialism expanded throughout Africa, the positive and negative outcomes became blatant and portrayed the cultural, geographical, and historical resultants of African imperialism. .
             Although it doesn't seem likely, many effects on Europe, Africa's colonizer, can be negative. The main reason is because of the bad trade, meaning that land in Africa cost more money than it brought back in. Italy, specifically, was a victim to this poor decision. Grover Clark wrote that "Obviously colonies cost more than they are worth in trade." Another issue was having to deal with the proudness many Africans had, and their will to remain loyal to their country. Colonizers were forced to deal with or kill uncooperative Africans not willing to be take advantage of, which was most, if not many Africans. Europeans also had to take control of infrastructure and basically teach Africans how to run even basic facilities. This is because the Africans did not have these businesses before, and the new responsibilities created work for the Europeans as well.

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