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Mental Health in Juvenile Delinquents

             The principles of this paper are to outline how mental health disorders can effect an adolescents mind and actions to lead them down a path of crime. The most apparent realization is that having a mental health disorder alone will not land you in prison, however the actions behind the thinking will most certainly get you in trouble unless you can learn to control them. More than 50% of the juvenile crime populations suffers from a mental disorder but has landed themselves their for various reasons. Today, almost 25% of our generation ages 13-19 have struggled with some type of mental health disorder in their young lifetime. The crime rate of juvenile delinquents is increasing, resulting in a higher capacity of offenders with these mental illnesses. Mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, add and bipolar can lead to a wide area of criminal activity from drug abuse to murder. For example, many offenders with mental disorders also turn to drug abuse or suicide to cope with their problems. Facts state that mental health disorders are the main reason for juvenile crime and will continue unless treated; which means rehab, prison, etc. Luckily, there are many programs that exist around the nation that target helping these troubled youth. Some of these programs are fully capable of changing the troubled adolescents, but a decent amount of them need some work. However, they all have the best intention of treating those who have mental problems and seek help. .
             Introduction .
             Perhaps the most profound problem in the criminal field of juvenile delinquency exists in the issue of mental health disorders in young adults. The term mental disorder refers to a wide variety of mental health conditions that can affect your behavior, mood and thinking; these disorders include depression, anxiety, bipolar, attention deficit hyper disorder (ADHD) and addictive behavior. These disorders are no joke and can truly mess with ones head when not under treatment.

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