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The Historical Novelization

            I think that historical novelization can be defined as an accurate fictional story on historical event(s) set in the past. The purpose of historical fiction is to contextualize historical events that happened in the past, which is written in first-person perspective of a character involved in the historical event. Contextualizing the historical event means to provide a deeper understanding of the circumstances and concepts surrounding the event, how and why someone acted in a particular way, an understanding of bias from different perspectives, and most importantly feeling the emotions of the characters to grasp how the circumstances was like and thereafter understanding the reasons behind their actions. .
             Writing historical fiction is a tedious process. To write a fictional yet accurate story requires us to gather a wide range of sources to support the content that we are writing on to ensure the credibility of our story. In addition, we have to check to see if the sources we obtain are credible and check for corroboration with other sources to ensure that the sources that our story is based on is accurate, to ensure our story is well supported by credible sources and therefore accurate. This is an arduous task which our group faced in the writing of our story. .
             I like historical fiction because it is useful in allowing readers to understand the context of a historical event well. This is the huge advantage that historical fiction has over a history textbook explaining the historical event and concept in question. No matter how well the explanation is of a situation that happened in the past to account for actions/consequences of the people involved, it still will not encapsulate feelings and emotions of the people as compared to historical novelisation! Historical fiction allows people studying history to develop historical empathy and a stronger sense and deeper understanding of the context.

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