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Romance and tradition in the princess bride

            Romance Tradition and the Frame Narrative in .
             William Goldman's The Princess Bride is a metafictional story that both celebrates and questions various aspects of the romance tradition. The romance tradition is celebrated in The Princess Bride through a heroic tale of fantasy and happy endings. However, the author has also created the voice of "William Goldman,"" which acts as a frame narrative around "Morgenstern's- romantic storyline. The frame narrative allows the author to question the romance tradition through the use of satire and challenges readers to rethink the genre that they are so comfortable and familiar with. At the same time the book is a celebration of the romance tradition by the simple fact that it is written within the tradition itself. The reader can choose whether to read the novel as satire or fantasy. Goldman's fabricated voice within the text offers the reader what the fantasy genre won't often allow: the choice to interpret the text and its deeper meanings. In offering readers the opportunity to interpret and imagine, the author keeps the reader straddling between what is fantastical and what is real. .
             In the beginning of the novel, Goldman skillfully introduces "himself- as the abridger of an original work: Morgenstern's The Princess Bride. By creating the voice of the editor of another's work, Goldman gains the trust of the reader and is therefore able to successfully bring satire into the romance. He attributes the story to Morgenstern so that he can join the reader in the reading process, and by doing so, he chooses which parts of The Princess Bride will be appreciated, and which will be dismissed or disparaged. The narrative voice of "William Goldman- is a believable and trustworthy one. This "character- not only describes the story but also his struggles in his personal life. Goldman fabricates a failing marriage, a troubled son, and legal issues in "William Goldman's- life.

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