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The Legalities of Blasphemy

            Blasphemy is an issue, which draws controversy in every culture. The concept of blasphemy is related to the monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Most religious people perceive blasphemy as a sin, since it is a defamation of denomination[ CITATION Vex12 l 1055 ]. Muslim countries such as Kuwait, Pakistan and Egypt can punish people, who insult the prophet or the name of God by the death penalty[ CITATION Nat12 l 1055 ]. This is a contentious case to attempt to save Islam from criticism by banning to state ideas. Even though blasphemy seems as a defamation of religion, in a world that everyone has a right to express his or her opinion it should not be a crime. This essay will first discuss the points for blasphemy and then will highlight the points against it.
             There are various discussions, which identify blasphemy offensive rather than constructive. According to (Wright) 2011 revise, the only purpose of blasphemy is to insult and none of the defenses of free speech can be operated in the issue of blasphemy. However the concept of religion has become a part of the comfort zone for many people and any kind of commentary on religious figures has been perceived as a taboo [ CITATION Has11 l 1055 ]. As stated by (Dawkins) 2006 study, comments on religion should be open to discuss as any other subjects.
             Another reason to declare blasphemy as a crime is to create social harmony[CITATION Fre13 l 1055 ]. Group identity has been a powerful motivation for limits to religious freedom in the world for some reasons[ CITATION Vro11 l 1055 ]. In globalized and multicultural societies, diverse faiths and discrimination require to collaborate to increase the level of contentment. On the other hand, blasphemy is a case, which creates a dilemma between criticism and social cohesion. Thus a culture should be constant and flexible at the same time. The process of adaptation to new circumstances is crucial to stabilize the satisfaction between various groups in a society[ CITATION Vro11 l 1055 ].

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