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Context Essay - Achieving Utopia

            As humans we are constantly looking for ways to strive for a utopian society, but is such a concept even possible if every human being has a different perspective on what defines Utopia? Further, our human nature tends to defeats us in this quest as we are naturally competitive. It is this drive to be better than our fellow beings that divides us into socio-economic classes, which inevitably creates a dystopia. Despite this, could the dream for utopia be achieved?.
             Unfortunately, one's utopia could be another's dystopia. Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea, routinely executes North Korean citizens who deviate from his brand of communism, in order to create the perfectly submissive country, which is his definition of a Utopian society. People are urged by a series of propaganda slogans to work for the state to maxmise their production in foods and for wives to be obedient supporters and assistants of their husbands in order to create a social fairyland. Other propaganda leads the general populace to believe that the US is the war-mongering enemy and North Korea would annihilate them if threatened. Workers are encouraged to sing the song 'We are the happiest people in the world' as they toil endlessly for the love of their country and leader. Through the complete and utter repression of his people Kim Jong Un has created his Utopia. Of course, his people see their country as a dystopia. .
             Similarly, this juxtaposition can also be seen in the novel 1984 by Orwell. The comrades saw the world of Big Brother as a utopia. They were devoted to the party and saw anything they did as "[their] duty to the Party". The forced equality between the comrades was created by removing the most fundamental form of human freedom such as saying the "freedom [off saying] that two plus two equals four." Big Brother perfected the propaganda machine where comrades were conditioned by such deceptive slogans as "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.

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