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Valuable Artistic Contributions

            Art is a part of everything in the world; anything created by someone has artistic value in it, and it all can be interpreted in different ways through different eyes. Every individual has his or her own connection with every piece of art, there is no specific interpretation. Each individual mind sees a piece of art in a completely different way to what someone else envisions through the same piece of art. Art also has meaning to society as a whole; art gives individuals the opportunity to express themselves and provides entertainment and inspiration to people. These positive attributes that are incorporated into people's lives through art helps people grow and provides different experiences, even shaping a part of who that person is overall.
             The creation process is one of the most important parts of art; it is where the inspiration and creative ideas flow into whatever is being made. The ups and downs to the creation process are the main contributions to what becomes the final product. In Ovid's creation myth, life is the art that is created, and "discordant concord is the path life needs" (Ovid 19). The controversial process to art's creation is what makes the art what it is and helps provide to its final product. In the story, the god's perfect creation turns into chaos and then is eventually reconstructed and reborn into something new. What the god's creation ended up being is because of the changes made to it and its progression over time.
             Final works of art affect people in different ways and trigger different emotions and thoughts depending on the person and what is going on in his or her mind. When I visited Paris, France; I was looking at the Eiffel Tower for the first time and it sparked different feelings then what most people would experience. The sight of this tall beautiful structure began to make me think of the friendship and brotherhood I have with my three best friends.

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