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Enforcing Smoking Bans

            In some developed countries, laws have been enforced for smokers such as they must be 18 to purchase cigarettes 18. But in some developing countries, these are not effective. There are many consequences to smoking, including health, addiction, cessation and the cost of buying cigarettes. The government must ban the sales of tobacco products in order to protect their citizens and protect their environment. .
             First of all, the consequences of smoking are not always on smokers, but it could affect non-smokers also by way of second-hand smoke. There has been increasing interest in the effects of passive smoking on the health of children, especially adolescents, by inhaling second-hand smoke. Teens and adolescents are more likely to consume tobacco products. Most of them don't really care much about the consequences on their health and the people standing around while they're smoking. According to the "Second-hand tobacco smoke and children" article, second-hand smoke contains thousand of harmful chemicals that can affect to every organ in the human body (Al-Sayed and Ibrahim 1). An excerpt from the Health Reports show that, "In 2003, 33% of non-smokers reported that in the last month they had been exposed to second-hand smoke on most days in at least one of four locations: in public, at work, at home or in private vehicles" (Perez 1).
             The consequences of smoking are unpredictable. There were numbers of people that died because of smoking. Moreover, smoking can cause NA, which is called negative affect. NA is defined as the change of feeling and emotion involving in anger, sadness and/or fear. According to Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, "negative affective states are experienced as unpleasant, unwanted, or aversive, and typically motivate efforts to terminate or avoid them" (Carmody, Vieten and Astin 2007). Smoking does not only refer to smoking cigarettes but also to smoking marijuana.

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